Qualification Honor

Corporate credit:

Since 2002, it has been awarded the "Contract Retention Credit Award" issued by the Administration for Industry and Commerce for many times, and the Contract Credit Promotion Association has assessed the "Credit Credit" for its excellent reputation. Won

Shanghai Jiading District Enterprise Contract Promotion Association contract credit AAA level certification .


Market performance :

In 1999, the company's " 555 " brand series of sanitary napkins and sanitary pad products were awarded the Jiangsu Quality Association for many times.

A user committee awarded the "Gold Medal users satisfied with the evaluation of goods" and the Shanghai

Chain Business Association for the Evaluation of "fast

Fast-moving consumer goods category-Shanghai consumer satisfaction products" title.

Since 2003, the company's " 555 " brand sanitary napkins and sanitary pad products have been awarded the Shanghai Business Information Center for many times.

And the title of "Shanghai Best-selling FMCG" issued by the Shanghai Chain Business Association.

Won the honorary certificate of "Shanghai Famous Trademark" issued by Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce for many years.

Quality assurance:

Since 2001, our company continued by the MOODY ( UKAS accredited certification body) certification of ISO9001 quality tube management system certification .

2013 MOODY and Intertek merger, since 2013, the company sustained by the Intertek certification of ISO9001 quality management system certification.

      ISO9001认证证书 (英文).jpg   

Since 2006, our company has continuously passed the BRC consumer quality management system certification certified by SGS .

Customer satisfaction:


In 1999, three to five brand series of sanitary napkins, won several Jiangsu Province Quality Association by issuing households Commission "with

Users satisfied with the evaluation of goods Gold Medal "and the Shanghai Chain Business Association for the Evaluation of" fast on - fast moving consumer goods category

"Sea Consumer Satisfaction Product " title.

Business performance :

From 2005 to 2010, he was awarded the " Excellent Enterprise Award " by the Shanghai Local People's Government for 5 consecutive years .


In 2010, it was awarded the honorary certificate of "Little Giant Enterprise" by the People's Government of Jiading District, Shanghai.


Actively devoted to various social welfare undertakings, whether it is caring for the elderly, the disabled, making charitable donations, or SARS, the Sichuan earthquake, and the relief of the local people's government

We are eager to participate in all kinds of donations.